Méditer au bureau, c’est possible !

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How can we feel good at the office, even if the days are long and our backs don’t always thank us for so many hours spent in front of the screen?

We can take a few minutes to meditate, yes yes it is possible even at work. And this to have a good day! Many specialists advocate meditation in the workplace, for greater well-being at work and to help employees concentrate better.

Meditating is not that complicated
Meditating does not take a lot of time, does not necessarily require special conditions. It can be done simply, by closing your eyes for a few moments and pulling the concentration inside you, to take a break from the screen, the daily routine, meetings or the work environment. Eh yes ! Meditate is not a big word that scares you and that is only accessible to old sages who have always practiced. No no, meditating can be done simply, in your own way, just by taking a little moment that allows you to be calmer or more focused.

The present moment and the breath
What is called mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation which is most appropriate in a work setting and which involves becoming aware of oneself in the here and now. The objective is to anchor oneself in the present moment and to look at it in some ways!
It’s completely different from other forms of relaxation where the goal is sometimes to take the person somewhere else, to help them fall asleep, to focus their brain on something else.
In meditation, breathing is the most important: it allows us to give rhythm to the moment. The best way to focus on the present moment is to pay attention to your body. Our own breath captures our attention and soothes us. And mechanically, it puts the breath down so that the breathing returns to a normal rhythm if you were restless.

So how do you do it?
You don’t need to isolate yourself, we can meditate for a few minutes even if there is commotion around (at least for this type of short mediation perfect when you are at the office!)

  • To meditate for a few minutes, sit comfortably or at least with your back straight , your feet firmly anchored in the ground
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breath
  • Breathe normally , paying special attention to the cool air entering your nostrils and the warm air coming out. Stay like this, do not force yourself to empty your head, it will be done little by little by focusing your mind on your breath.
  • Either you do this meditation alone, in this case set a timer of 3/5 mins . Either you do a guided meditation with an application for example (find our references at the end of this article ;-))

What are the real benefits?
A few minutes allow you to take a step back and stop all the thoughts that are spinning in your head. It also reduces stress so ideal before or after an important meeting, a stressful date or a presentation! Meditation, by calming the brain, also helps to refocus and have clear thoughts. Finally, having a few minutes with yourself gives you good vibes to see things on the bright side 😉

So, are you ready to take that mini break? And to meditate comfortably seated on a cushion designed for you to have a perfect posture, discover our meditation cushions . Finally, if you are or want to become the king of meditation, we have imaged the Meditation Pack, to discover here .

To go further
Matthieu Ricard , ” Meditation to build a better economic world “, video here
Michael Chaskalson , ”  Meditating at work “, book here
Christophe André , ” 3 minutes to meditate “, ” I meditate day after day “, books here
La tête au carré , France Inter, ” The therapeutic power of meditation “, program here
Headspace and PetitBambou , two applications for meditating

Good meditation,

The BAYA Team

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