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Because we are all unique, BAYA empowers you to live YOUR yoga, to express YOUR way of practicing with products and content tailored to your specific needs.

We believe that offering you long-lasting products that are adapted to your needs is important. Our products are developed with the greatest care and in line with our responsible approach.

We believe in the power of creating holistic and qualitative content to help you find your way to YOUR vision of well-being.

We believe that creative designs have effects on how you feel. That’s why all the designs are created by the BAYA team so that everyone can find an inspiring mat that matches their needs. A real sensory journey that brings you motivation, energy or calm during your flow.

We believe in the community spirit, in the power of group with strong values: energy, trust and uniqueness. Without you, we wouldn’t exist. It is only thanks to your trust that we can grow!


In 2016, the first BAYA yoga mats, combining quality and creativity, were created thanks to the support of a growing community on Ulule! 4 technical and premium ranges to meet the needs of everyone. 20 creative designs inspired by our travels and encounters, to live fully our lives!

From there, the adventure goes on by developing accessories, meditation cushions and activewear following the same philosophy. We also started collaborating with inspiring personalities of the wellness world, such as Georgia Horachkova, Safia Ayad and Anne&Dubndidu.

BAYA is the promise of a balanced, relaxed, and responsible way of life, centered around yoga and meditation, that everyone can shape as he·she wishes. Because there is only one way to practice yoga: yours! 


This adventure started with Hortense Bourgois and AgnĂšs Gardelle, both passionate about yoga. They felt like yoga equipment needed more creativity and diversity so everyone can feel represented and inspired when practicing.

It took several years for Hortense to find a good balance of what she likes in yoga. She tried different kinds of flows (slow, dynamic, modern, traditional
) and met many professors and participants to eventually adopt her own well-being lifestyle. 

“I liked the physical aspect first but then I also discovered meditation and the spirituality that goes along. I absolutely loved trying different teachers and types of yoga to eventually find MY yoga, the one that feels good, depending on my needs or periods of time in my life.”

AgnĂšs wanted to mix products designs with the essence of yoga: a sensory journey to bring comfort, energy, or motivation during your flow.

“When I first started yoga, I didn’t feel much inspired by my mat, on which I was spending a lot of time in downward-facing dog
 I found it too dark and too impersonal. Now, when I use my Capri mat (my favorite!), the bright yellow color gives me so much energy! That is why I wanted to design mats with many different colors and patterns, so everyone can find their inspiring mat.”


The name BAYA comes straight from our imagination. It is exotic, energizing and beautiful! Originally, BAYA derived from the word “bahia” or baía”, wich means “the bay” in many languages. A calm and protected place, a sort of bubble of nature that invites you to travel and feel good.

We can also see through BAYA a phrase that we like a lot: Beautiful As You Are!